Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

To most people, this is just a mess. But, to me, it is an early sculpture. These things were just laying around and he put them together so creatively.

My little boy turned two a couple of weeks ago. He is at a great age for getting into art. I like to just give him materials and let him go.
Chalk pastels plus paper plates plus toilet rules...both kids loved this.

I am not a fan of the markers on the couch series, but if I don't make light of it, I may go crazy! This has happened three times now. Waylon has no problem getting the caps off the markers and feels compelled to draw on the couch. Luckily, the permanent markers are under lock and key these days and the washable ink comes right out--although I have had to take the cushion covers off and wash them. On the bright side, my couch has never been cleaner.

Like everyone else, the holidays have consumed me the last few weeks. We just got back from two wonderful weeks visiting family on the East Coast. The artistic highlight of my vacation was learning to knit, something I have wanted to do for a long time. (pictures of my first project should be available soon:). I have to say, I am feeling very relieved that the holiday craft madness has ended. It has been nice just letting the kids create art in their own way again, with much more freedom, which is what I think it is all about. Hollin has been spending a great deal of time coloring in her princess coloring books--not really "art", but it inspires her. I equate it to when I was in middle school and wanted to read nothing but Sweet Valley High books, that used to drive my mother mad because it was not "great literature". But, it spoke to me at the time and helped instill a love of reading. I have not read one in 20 years, but still have not read Pride and Prejudice because it was suggested so many times (although I think I am finally ready). While coloring books have no place in an art curriculum and should not be a substitute for creative expression, they can be a lot of fun. I hope my rambling makes some sort of sense!

The coming months will be busy. I am still working through a very time consuming math course (why do I get myself into these things?) and I just registered for a drawing class. I am really looking forward to taking a studio course again. It has been a long time since I have been able to
get out and develop as an artist. It felt so good walking through the art department, there was an immediate connection. The courses, homeschooling pre-K, and everything else that comes with raising a family will keep me on my toes. I had been thinking that maybe I should take a break from my blog, but I saw that I have 10 followers! Not huge, but hey, 10 people (and possibly more) want to hear what I have to say. Thank you, I am so glad you are out there. You have inspired me to pencil in a weekly date for Color Color Color. Enjoy!


  1. 很喜歡你的部落格風格,期待你的更新!........................................

  2. I really hope you'll continue the blog – I love hearing about your Alaskan life and seeing all your sweet faces and cool/beautiful projects. I can't believe how big and grownup Waylon is looking!

  3. Maria, I am going to do my best. Now if I could only get you to start a blog so I could see your sweet faces.....:)