Friday, April 2, 2010


The egg coloring has begun. Crayons on hot eggs will slide around so nicely and create very pretty eggs. Much less mess than traditional dipping. Keep the eggs in the hot water after they finish cooking. Place a few eggs into an empty carton, the carton makes a perfect workspace that keeps fingers off the hot eggs. Experiment first to find a temperature that makes the crayon melt but will not burn if someone decides to pick one up. You can leave the eggs as they are, or dip them in some dye for a nice crayon resist affect. The melting sliding crayons are really nice to work with.  

Our lovely collection. Glitter glue with a paint brush was also a big hit.
I think these marbled eggs are so pretty. After you boil your eggs, roll them on the counter to crack the shell, but do not peel it. Then let them soak in egg dye in the fridge overnight. Then peel off the shell off to reveal the lovely marbled eggs inside. We only made a few because I am not such a big fan of eating colored eggs. One of these years I will look into making these with natural dyes. For now, they are really pretty and our dog enjoys an occasional egg treat.
One more thought--A tray of watercolor paint and a brush is a great way for 2 and unders to decorate eggs. Fill a carton with white boiled eggs and give him or her a paint tray, a brush and some water. Painting is easier than trying to dip and and wait. No spills and very satisfying:)


  1. Hehe, we're dyeing eggs tomorrow, and I have plans to use the watercolors and brushes myself!

  2. Your comment about your dog reminds me of Mog the Forgetful cat by Judith Kerr - Mog also loves egg treats!
    Your eggs look lovely.

  3. Can't wait to read about Mog--I love your book suggestions!