Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little Bit of Easter

 I had intentions of posting tons of Easter projects, but then the sun came out and started to warm this place up! We have been enjoying the warmer days. We have a few puddles, lots of mud, melting snow, sunlight from about 7 AM until after 9 PM. We have seen and heard some new birds and spotted buds on the trees. We can be outside for extended periods without full winter gear, and geese were spotted in Delta Junction, a few hours south of Fairbanks...Spring is here! We still have snow on the ground and freezing nighttime temps, but for the most part, winter is a thing of the past.
I did want to post a few pictures of some of the things we have been doing around here to get ready for Easter before Easter is over.
Hollin came up with this game all on her own. She selected 12 plastic eggs and painted an empty egg carton to match each of the eggs. She poured and mixed every color, painted, and even counted how many of each color she needed. It has been a cute game to play with Waylon as he is just starting to learn colors.

My personal favorite...We just had some work done on our deck which resulted in a big pile of scrap wood in the driveway. Hollin made this adorable Easter Bunny using the wood scraps. Just a temporary creation.

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