Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Streamer Barrettes and Headbands

For awhile now I have been thinking about the cute streamer barrettes that girls wore when I was in early elementary school (early 80s). I remember loving these barrettes. On various occasions I have looked online for instructions but never found any great hits. Well, this weekend I decided to reinvent them. It only took a few attempts of twisting the ribbons to figure it out. I made little felt flowers and sewed them on to cover the otherwise bald spot on the end. My daughter loves these and they look so cute in her hair. She requested that I jazz up a few headbands as well. I am not going to post instructions--if you really want to know how to make these, let me know and I will put a step-by-step tutorial together.


  1. Hollin looks really cute, and so much older with her hair back like that. I'll definitely be sharing this with Phoebe and we'll probably make some too.

  2. I remember these! I always wanted the rainbow ribboned ones, but never had them. Maybe we'll make a pair for me or Ellie!

  3. Let's get together and make some-- Maria, we will have to mail them to you!

  4. Hi,

    Fun blog... I especially like your custom header. I was feeling nostalgic about streamer barrettes, after working on a similar project, and found you through Google search. Anyway, look forward to trying some of these projects with my little ones. Will let you know how it goes!

    All best,

    Jen Hazard

  5. Jen, Glad you found me! Be sure to share pictures if you make some of these.