Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shaving Cream Prints

Is it messy? Yes. But it is SO much fun. I am certain that there is not a child out there who does not love to do this. Whether they simply run their little fingers through it or make a thousand prints, they will want to do it again. This is a favorite project in my toddler art class. Even the parents ask if we can do it again. Although it is a great tactile experience for the littlest artists, it is also well received by older children. Everyone seems fascinated by the swirling colors and the amazing way those swirls are captured with a quick press of paper.

To do this you will need a tray of some kind. I like to use foil baking pans but have used all sorts of things. You also need shaving cream, liquid watercolors, a plastic egg carton (or other paint tray), a popsicle stick, an eye dropper, white card stock (blank index card are great for this) lots of paper towels and newspaper to cover your work space and a place to put your wet prints.

1. Cover your work area and fill the tray with shaving cream.

2. Squeeze some liquid watercolors into your palette--you can dilute with water for softer colors.

3. Show your child how to use the dropper to "pick-up" paint and drop it in the shaving cream. Encourage them to make lots of drops using the different colors (3-5 colors is all you need).

4. Use the popsicle stick to swirl the shaving cream around (fingers work too and they will get their hands in it eventually--take a deep breath, it will wash off!).

5. Now that you have beautiful swirly shaving cream, press a piece of card stock into the cream and lift it up. It will be covered in shaving cream. Wipe it off with paper towels and ooh and aah!
6. Just keep doing it!

When the paper dries it can be used to make greeting cards, collages, or enjoyed as is. As you can see, I did not include any pictures of the final result, you will just have to make some to see!

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