Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day Decorations

Many of my fondest memories are linked to preparing for holidays, and I know I am not alone. There is simply something special about the decorations and activities that only come out once a year. A few little touches are all it takes. As you might have guessed, I prefer handmade to store bought--or better yet, kid made. I do believe they thrive on such things.

Hollin and I made these flowers. They are the classic pipe cleaner and tissue paper flowers we all made in elementary school. Both kids have played with these, arranged them and moved them all around the house. I made these felt cookies as a Valentine's Day gift last year. Much more fun when they only come out once a year. (They would probably have even more dog hair on them if I left them out all year....)

Our seasonal tree always changes to reflect what is happening every month. In the past we used some pretty little hearts I had made. Hollin would decorate the tree with my ornaments. Just they other day she asked for paper. She made all the pipe cleaner heart ornaments and put them on the tree. Waylon made the heart shaped sun catcher on the bottom right.

Nothing fancy, just a few simple additions to our home to remind us that this is the month we get to hug and kiss a bit more, write love poems and make yummy things to eat.

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