Thursday, November 11, 2010

Owl Cake

I made this cake a few weeks ago for a cake auction fundraiser at my daughter's school. It was so cute and easy...and it got lots of bids) I found an image of an owl cake and tried my best to copy. I should warn you, you will have to tilt your head to view the last two pictures. For some reason they will not rotate, but I think it is worth the neck stretch.
I made a chocolate cake using two round pans. I cut one piece to look like the tufts on the top of an owl's head.
White frosting for the face and belly....

...Chocolate frosting along the edges. The feathers are sliced almonds, the beak is a pecan. I dusted two dried pineapple rings with powdered sugar for the eyes and the eyeballs are chocolate covered almonds.



  1. he is so cute. we all love him. might even make it for marshall's bday.

  2. Ah, never been good at decorating food! And usually try to do it along with kids. Wonder if this would be too much..

    I love it when things get expressive

  3. Love your owl cake! so cute! Just discovered your blog through another blog and now am following yours. Hope that you will pop by my blog, too.
    Happy Holidays!