Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frozen Tempera Paint

We had so much fun painting with paintsicles the other day so I decided to make some more frozen paint. This time we squeezed tempera paint into mini muffin tins. Ice cube trays would also work well for this. I covered the tray with foil and Hollin inserted a toothpick into the center of each "muffin".
We left these on the deck overnight. When we did bring them in they were frozen solid but after a few minutes on the table they came right out and were really nice to paint with. Very thick and buttery.
Without even intending it, this project turned into a great color mixing experience.
A few of the toothpicks came out as the paint warmed up and were great for adding lines.
The texture of the frozen tempera was so inviting. There was just no way to keep hands out. We did manage a few prints by folding the paper before the inevitable finger painting began....
I love the serious expression on Waylon's face. He is in the zone!


  1. What a great idea! I love how you used the foil to keep the pick upright whilst the paint froze.

  2. Oh how fun! This would probably be even more fun in the heat of summer! I'll have to try this with my son. I'll link to you in my blog when I do!


  3. here's the link:!.html

  4. I had not even thought of doing this in the summer--summer still feel so far off... Thanks for the link Aimee!