Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Magnets

A few months ago I wrote about making magnets
I made some more last month only this time I used little drawings and photographs as well as small pieces of fabric. Each magnet is representative of an experience or place and collectively they tell the story of the places our family has lived in the last 10 years. My husband and I met in college in Virginia, moved to Maryland, then to Alaska, Georgia, Michigan, back to Maryland and finally back to Alaska. Each place became home--we made friends, took walks and bought groceries. Each time we would move I felt a strange longing for the aisles of a former grocery store or the familiar streets where I would walk. Missing people is a given, but I wanted to honor in some way the places and experiences that are so significant to daily life, but when you move away are simply not to be part of your life any longer. 
A few of the pieces are bits of old curtains that used to hang in our windows, some are representational drawings of particular places or objects and a few are a bit more abstract as I tried to capture the sounds and smells that connect me to a place.
Most of the time they live on the refrigerator but they can also be a fun toy for little hands.
Regretfully I did not take any pictures, but Hollin did make some of these for her teachers as an end of school year gift. She drew some cute pictures and designs. They were really cute.
Thanks for looking:)


  1. love that they're not just magnets for holding snips and scraps - they're holding memories! and fun for little ones!

  2. Beautiful idea. I am so curious to see what you chose to represent your Maryland times (we're on the Eastern Shore this week, so I'm feeling very attached to my MD connections right now).

  3. We miss you too. (Though I suspect you don't long for the aisles of the Superfresh.)

  4. Maria, The MD magnets are mostly images of cattails and marsh grasses, the Chester River, bricks, green lawns, and the donuts. I wish I could photograph them better for you. What would you choose to represent the ES?
    L-It is Food Lion that I miss (hee hee). Seriously, in the strangest way I would like to walk through those aisles again. Or maybe I just want to grab some over-priced rotten produce and bring it to the Barny Park to play:)

  5. So cute and fun! I was thinking this would be adorable with kids' pictures!