Monday, June 14, 2010

Upcycled Plastic Lid Flowers

I often wish that I had some gardening skills, and I do try and will probably continue to try...but for now I have decided to make some flowers that will not die. I know that I am not the only one out there with plastic yogurt containers. We cannot recycle them here and I really don't need anymore, yet we go through so much yogurt that I have an endless supply of containers and lids just waiting to be repurposed. I also have a handful of Tupperware lids that have become mysteriously separated from their matching bottoms. Well, I cannot recycle those, can't really donate a random lid, and I cannot throw them away so I had to think of something. The excess lids combined with my need for flowers that will survive my black thumb led to these adorable flowers. I cut the flower shapes from the lids, painted one with acrylic paint and attached buttons and painted dowels using wire (poked holes in the plastic with a thumbtack first). I filled a tub with soil and rocks and planted my flowers. The four you see here are just the beginning. So far, this was a mommy project, but it inspired the kids. Just last night they started cutting and painting a few more. The plan is to make a new flower with every lid we use. Be on the lookout for a full flower bucket in a few weeks. 


  1. what a great idea to do with kiddos, love this!

  2. I love these! And since it looks less and less likely that I'm going to do any *actual* gardening this year (again), they might be just the ticket to our overgrown yard!

    P.S. I can't believe how big Waylon is!

  3. LOVE this!!! starred in my google reader