Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pounding Flowers

We have been creating so many cool things these last few weeks, yet it has been a challenge to keep up with posting. I really admire the crafty moms out there who always post so regularly--you inspire me! Thank you to all who put up with my erratic posting. I should warn you that we have a 16 day vacation coming up so things will be quieter than usual. Once the cold sets in I will be much more inclined to post regularly. Okay, now for pounding flowers...
This was a very fun process. We have pounded flowers on fabric before and had great results. The color from the flower transfers to the fabric when pounded with a hammer or rock creating a lovely floral design. I thought we would try to do it on paper. The result was different from what I had expected. The color did not really transfer, but we got some super textures.
Gather some leaves and flowers. Thick sturdy ones with good veins work best. You will also need a sheet of heavy paper, a sheet of newspaper or lighter paper, a hammer or rock, a paintbrush, water and a watercolor wash.
Wet your heavy paper with water, then arrange the flowers and leaves. Cover with the sheet of light weight paper.
Press down carefully with hands, then pound with the hammer.
Remove top paper and use the watercolor wash to bring out the texture.
Fun and lovely--especially when held up to the sun.


  1. Great - we have lots of pansies and i have been wanting to do this.
    Warm wishes, tonya