Saturday, February 26, 2011

Upcycled Party Gift Box

We made this gift box for a friend's birthday party the other day. It is made from a cereal box. I have seen this done using gift wrap to cover a box. We covered ours with white contact paper and decorated it with permanent markers.
Cut the top flaps off a cereal box and wrap in contact paper.
Poke two holes on the top, both sides, for handles. We fastened a pipe cleaner handle to each side.
We tied tulle and ribbon to the handles to make it fancier, then Hollin drew birthday designs on each side with permanent markers.

We added the gift, which was a lovely assortment of art supplies, some tissue paper and a little card.
So sweet and personal. We gave new life to an old box, and saved $ on a gift bag.


  1. So original and sturdier than a gift bag -- I love it! I usually ask the girls to decorate a gift bag or card -- if we wrap something up in a box we get out the dot-a-dot markers and go rainbow polk-a-dot-crazy with it but this is too cute!!

    Thanks for the fun idea and inspiration : )

  2. Morgan has an art easel. I can't possibly hang everything nor save it. I use her artwork as wrapping paper for her friends birthday parties. Grandparents also appreciate the wrapping paper, too.