Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Shirts

I had been planning to make doily print shirts with Hollin since I saw the idea a few weeks ago over at The Artful Parent.

While inking up the doily, we could not help but notice how nice the stencil effect of the doily looked on the paper underneath it, so very impulsively, we put the doily on the shirt and rolled over it.  I think it came out cute. It was hard to hold it perfectly still, but between the two of us we made it work. So instead of making doily prints, we ended up using the doily as a stencil.

I am not opposed to boys wearing hearts and pink, but I thought a pink doily shirt might be a touch too much. So, I jazzed up an old shirt with a cute boyish Valentine design using freezer paper stencils.
I really like heart art. There. I said it. We have been doing a lot of lately and I will try to get some more up before the big day.


  1. I really love the way lives intersect on the internet! I love it that my two favorite kids' art blogs are by people I am actually friends with, in person – and it's so much fun when you guys reference each other. I missed Jean's doily printing session a week or two ago, but I did watercolor some plywood heart cutouts for our changeable-seasonal-grapevine wreath, thanks to your fun idea from last fall.

    I can't believe how big Hollin and especially Waylon are getting!

  2. Maria, I love it! I love connections like that.
    Give Phebes a big hug from all of us.