Friday, August 14, 2009

Art Eyes

We are in between homes right now. We are with my parents for a few more days then we will start our drive to our new home in Alaska. Making art with the usual materials is not really an option for us. Luckily, art does not need to be created with anything. In fact, it can simply be something you talk about and see. It does not even have to be "art" at all. Take a walk and look for beautiful things. Talk about what you see. See if you can find beauty in things that are worn down and broken such as cracks in the pavement, a patch of weeds, in insect or a rusty pipe. Look for decomposing leaves that look like lace and stains on the sidewalk made by berries. Talk about the colors that you see. Are tree trunks really brown? Look at how many shades of green color the trees and bushes. Collect some samples and line them up. Talk about objects made by people and objects created in nature. When you read a story to your child, ask him or her how they think the pictures were made. Were they photgraphed? Painted? Cut and pasted? Artists are observers, so put on your art eyes and see!

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