Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drive Drive Drive

These photos are a bit our of order, but I think you can still enjoy them! Here is Hollin looking over the edge at Niagara Falls.
Waylon contemplating a rock on a roadside beach (Lake Superior). Niagara Falls was our first stop. Fun town, amazing waterfall. We loved just watching the force of the water as it falls over the edge.

Moving Day! Anyone who knows Waylon can imagine how much he liked that truck. Hollin thought it was pretty cool too.

We are 4 days into our 12 day drive from Maryland to Alaska. We are driving an average of 350 miles a day, which comes out to about 5 or 6 hours of driving and many stops to keep the kids (and ourselves) sane. I think that by the end of this trip I may just be the world's authority on road tripping with little kids. I am actually amazed at how well they are traveling. Western Ontario is beautiful and very desolate. More trees than you can imagine, incredible lake views, rocky cliffs...there are hiking trails, parks and picnic areas everywhere. I wish we could stop more. We don't dare slow down if Waylon is asleep. We even managed a bathroom break stopping only for a second so I could jump out and Jonathan could jump in and continue driving around the parking lot. Hollin likes to switch cars and has been really fun. She loves a good adventure.

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