Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Button String Mobile

While out running errands last week we came across a lovely colorful hanging work of art. From a distance it looked like small pieces of colored glass attached to fishing line. Of course, I had to get out and figure out how someone attempted such a task. Without being too much of a snoop I got a closer look as saw that it was not glass at all but plastic buttons and a few beads. We went right home to replicate!
We used:
A dowel
string to attach to the ends of the dowel for hanging
fishing line
buttons, beads, and a few metal washers to make it chime in the wind

I started by tying a long length (about 2 feet) of fishing line to a chair leg. The chair leg provided resistance so that I could thread and tie. My assistants chose the beads or buttons and we would string them, one at a time, tying it on securely and leaving space between each one. This was great for my 5 year-old who could thread and choose. My little guy actually cut one strand in half and dumped all the buttons on the floor several times. But he did enjoy naming the colors and we enjoyed how he called them all blue:) After we made four strands I tied them to the dowel, attached the string to each end and found a nice spot to hang our creation.
We do not get much wind here, but I imagine if we do catch a few gusts the strands will tangle. I think that a few horizontal strands of fishing line tied through will ensure sure that does not happen.
It sure looks good with all that green! Then again, the green makes everything look good!


  1. We made something almost exactly like this for Kindermusik last fall – the assignment was to make an instrument, and this is what we came up with. The strings did tangle unmercifully (jumbled in the bottom of the Kindermusik bag) but it was a fun project.

  2. very super cool..........Putting this one on my "Have to try it someday w/ my kidlings - I have LOTS of kidlings - will need to find LOTS of buttons."

  3. Maria-what a cool musical instrument idea, you are so clever:)
    Tisha, lots of kidlings sounds like lots of fun. Each could make their own strand. Please send me pictures when you make it:)

  4. I love the idea of this and I think my girls would like to make them to decorate their "houses" that they have in the garden. Perfect now we're able to spend more time outside.