Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Play Campfire

I am not sure how or why this campfire came about, but it has been a great source of imaginative play for both kiddoes. We gave new life to a large (64 ounce) plastic yogurt container. I cut flame like shapes out of the top edge, Hollin painted the inside and outside with orange acrylic paint and then we built a ring of rocks around it. We placed a few smaller rocks inside to ensure it would not blow away, added a few sticks, and now we have a great place to warm up, tell stories, roast make-believe marshmallows (much healthier than the real ones:)) and more.
I am going to have to keep an extra close eye on Waylon around real campfires this summer...
Here you can see Hollin painting the yogurt tub. I love that this fire will stay bright through all kinds of weather. We are thinking about adding a place to hang a cook pot over the fire, but I don't have any ideas just yet, please share if you do.