Friday, October 15, 2010

Easy Kid Made Outdoor Ghost

We made this spooky little cutie last week using a stick, a plastic white table cloth, fiber fill, a pipe cleaner and a sharpie. We wanted to decorate the outside of the house with ghosts, but wanted something that would withstand the elements. This is easy and not messy.

We stuck ours in a flower pot, but they would also be cute in the garden.
First, find a stick. A straight stick is okay, a branchy stick will create the illusion of arms or movement. A branchy stick is more likely to tear the tablecloth so be careful.

Gather your materials. You will need to cut the tablecloth so that it fits the stick you are using. A round piece will make a softer bottom edge. A square will work too, and is easier for a little one to cut.
Secure the bottom of the stick and add some fluff to the top. Plastic grocery bags make great stuffing too.
Center the tablecloth piece over the fluff.

Twist the neck tight with a pipe cleaner.
Draw a face with a sharpie.

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