Friday, October 1, 2010

Upcycled Plastic Lid Ghosts

A few months ago we made upcycled plastic lid flowers from the tops of yogurt containers and random lids that had lost their mates. It only seemed right to make something festive for fall using our never ending supply of plastic lids.
First, I cut the edges off the containers to make them easier to work with. Next I cut out ghostly shapes. You could have your child cut the ghost, I just went ahead and cut them for this project.
Hollin used Sharpie Paint Markers to add details. I had imagined boring black eyes and a mouth (you can see the very simple one I made in the first photo). I should have known better. These ghosts have hair, dresses and bows.
Here they are all together on the porch. We used clear packing tape to attach a wooden skewer to the back. Sticking them in the bucket and arranging them was a project in itself. As you can see there is also a lovely three headed pumpkin man in the pot. That was a pre-fab wooden craft decoration painted first with orange acrylic then decorated with the paint markers.
What do you do with your plastic lids and containers? I would love some new ideas.


  1. We did this project the other day, but I didn't cut the shapes out before the decorating and P and her friend lost interest before we got to the cutting out stage. I think I'll approach it again, cutting out ghosts and pumpkins before offering them up for decoration.

  2. The cutting is a project in and of itself.