Saturday, July 25, 2009


I love the natural sculptures created by Andy Goldsworthy His work was the inspiration for the earthworks we created in our backyard. I don't even think instructions are needed. Just go outside and collect. Then arrange your treasures in interesting ways. There are endless possibilities here. You can explore color, value, line, shape, patterns, textures and size--not to mention the botanical and geological contributions. When you are finished, take photographs. You can create a slide show or make a book. You can also start out or finish up by looking at Goldsworthy's work. I really enjoyed doing this. Hollin and I worked on this while Waylon was napping. We talked and worked collaboratively. So often I give her materials and she works independently. It was nice to do this together. I am looking forward to making this a seasonal tradition.


  1. this is funny...we just watched the awesome documentary on him...rivers and tides (char loved it)...i had been meaning to ask if you'd heard of him but i couldn't even remember his name.

  2. His work is very kid friendly. I suppose it is bc he creates such magical spaces.

  3. I was certainly flashing on A.G. work observing your rock, and other outdoor pieces.
    I love the idea of the contact paper. I am working at a summer camp with preschoolers to well the oldest is 8. . .our theme is "Our Precious Planet" and this project will fit in nicely. Thank you.
    Love the mice piece too. :~)