Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mosquito Net Hat

While packing up my daughter's dress-up clothes today I realized that a particular white bridal gown would make a really useful mosquito net for our future summers in Alaska. And, since we have more dress-up clothes than any group of children could tire of, I made the decision to donate this dress to one of my sewing experiments. I cut a piece of tulle large enough to fit around the outside edge of the hat's brim and long enough to cover her face and neck, with a few inches to spare. Then, I pinned the tulle netting in place and sewed it to the hat.
Next, I stitched the right sides of the tulle together to create a tube around her face and neck. This worked just fine, but next time I think I will do this step first.
Next, I hemmed a 1/2 " space along the bottom, leaving a space to insert a piece of elastic. The piece I used was about 15" long. I wanted it to be tight enough to keep insects out, but loose enough for a 4-year-old to put on and take off on her own and be comfortable. After running the elastic through I sewed that space up, trimmed my threads and turned it right side out.

Cute as can be! Of course, she ripped it right off and said it was too tickley. She may decide that tickley is better than itchy on a very buggy day--we will just have to see! I may try another version of this on a firmer hat. I have lots of ideas for cute mosquito wear. It will be something to work on this winter.

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