Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water Play

We are really enjoying the challenge of playing without toys and creating without traditional art materials. We said good-bye to our sandbox and water-table yesterday, two of our outdoor favorites. I have to admit that I fretted quite a bit about not having those things in our yard over the next 3 weeks before we move. Now that they are gone I can honestly say we don't even miss them. Both kids enjoyed painting the deck with water yeasterday. Hollin got very into splattering the water and making foot prints. Waylon is happy with any form of water, including the container of ice cubes we had out there. I love water play because it is always fun and easy to clean up. It is also important to me that we spend as much time enjoying the summer and soaking up vitamin D now while we still can. Heat and humidity will be missed in Alaska!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, they are so adorable!

    Maybe you could spice it up a little with colored ice cubes if they get bored with plain water? I'm an expert on long car trips (not as long as Alaska though!) with a kid (not two though!) so let me know if you want some ideas.